wilted spinach


184.5 lbs
1370 cc
0 cr (as yet…the night is young)

So, tonight’s question is: how many calories am i allowed to eat and still lose weight? I began to wonder if I was eating too much, and not getting enough exercise to burn the calories i need to lose. Here’s what Bally Total Fitness said:

How many calories should I be eating to lose 1-2lbs per week? — RMDAV3S
To estimate the amount of calories you should be eating multiply your weight by 10. Then, multiply that number by one of the following activity factors: 1.4 (seated most of the day), 1.6 (on feet most of the day), 1.8 (physical activity most of the day). This number is approximately the amount of calories you use each day to maintain your current weight. To lose around 1 pound per week subtract 500 calories per day. To lose 2 pounds per week, subtract 1000 calories per day. For example, if you weigh 180lbs and you are seated at your desk for most of the day, this is how you would calculate how many calories to eat: 180lb x 10 = 1800 calories x 1.4 = 2520 — 1000 = 1520 calories per day. This is an example of someone who can lose around 2 pounds per week on a 1500 calories meal plan. It is not recommended to go below 1200 calories per day because it will jeopardize your metabolism and will not supply your body with the nutrients it needs. When you start eating below a certain amount of calories that your body requires, your body responds by slowing your metabolism to conserve energy. Fewer calories does not always mean more weight loss because your body needs energy to burn energy.

So, let’s try that calculation. I’m going to use 1.4 (seated most of the day) because I am on vacation.

I currently weight 184.5lbs, multiplied by 10 is: 1845.
1845 multiplied by 1.4 is: 2583
I want to lose 2lbs a week, so I will subtract 1000 from that number, which is: 1583. I can only consume 1583 calories a day, and still lose weight without exercising. Or so the BTF dietian says. Hmmmmmmmmmmm….I don’t necessarily believe that. I will, however, maintain my 1500 calorie diet. I think its the drinking, and all of the eating after the drinking that is causing there to be a slowing in my weight loss. Doesn’t much matter. I’ve got about 12 calories to go before I’m at 172. And my BMI is currently 25.7…though for my height my BMI should be between 18-25…so, I”m almost there. I’m not sure if i’ll be hitting the gym tonight. I had half a bean and cheese burrito (covered in cheese and chile) for lunch, and tried to eat a salad for dinner. I left about 1/3 of it behind because, well, the spinach had gone bad. Gross. I need to write tonight also…so maybe a trip to Psychobabble is in order….hmmmmmmmmm.

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