Walter left this in my comments box and i felt the need to share. cuz he’s a genius.

Basic Social Dynamics 101 – When meeting someone you feel an attraction to, expect an 80/20 conversation ratio in the beginning. This means you’ll be carrying the conversation 80% or more of the time, and the person you’re talking to will only do about 20% at the most, but this ratio changes as the conversation continues.

Basic Tactics 101 – To hamper the person you’re interested in from wandering away, place an article of clothing on them. They’ll be far less likely to wander off. This can be a scarf, a hat, a clip on earring, etc. Place it on the person non chalantly while conversing, and if they get conscious of say a hat you’re placing on their head tell them, “it works on you..,” but then immediately change the subject to something else.


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  1. I must give credit where credit is due. A good friend of mine, M.P., explained this to me and a few other “Principles” he learned from some kind of Charisma class to help break out of his shyness. In short, M.P. can now be described as a “ManWhore” but I think he’s now settling down.

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