iceberg lettuce


990cc (its only 6, i haven’t eaten dinner yet, but I estimate i’ll reach at least 1200…then i’ll do some drinking, which will put me at 1,500)
appox.902 cr

I will never be one of those girls who is small enough to jump into a man’s arms and have him carry me anywhere. Which, may be a good thing because if the straight men I know are any indication, 21st century straight men are not about carrying heavy items anyway. i’m not doing such a great job with body acceptance. i inadvertently diverted attention away from Esther’s weight loss, probably because she’s never been that big to me, but then i realized that she is positively shrinking. Good for her! I am trying to have as positive an attitude for myself as i do for her, and as she does for me.

I’m not really putting my eating strategies to work. I’m not buying any additional groceries until i eat everything i have in my fridge. This will give me a chance to start fresh. And I’m really lazy. Maybe it will also inspire me to not buy food I won’t eat…and to not eat out as often. I had two slices of pizza for lunch (620 calories), but I worked out this afternoon (nearly 600 calories worth of working out) and am feeling pretty good about that. I’m trying to finish Middlesex, so any activity that allows me to sit/stand and read is making me really happy. I love reading. I love writing.

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