French Fries


0cb (i’m in the process of contemplating whether or not i’m not so bloated that i can go to the gym. Its 9…there is a class at 9:45….)
2330cr (for now!)

My meals today consisted of kashi with a banana for breakfast, a snack of baby carrots and a few strawberries…..and then nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Until about 4pm, when graduation practiced ended, and I headed to the Yardhouse for a 1600calorie meal (beer included). Ladies and Gentleman…I’m still full! What the fuck…did i expect? well, for one, that my meal wouldn’t be 1600 calories. You know that’s over my entire dailly caloric intake. And all I can do is think of that stupid fitness commercial that says, “no one ever regretted going to the gym.” Isn’t that pretty presumptuous? Granted, I will probably regret it if I don’t go. I will regret it all the way down to my huge thighs. It was a really good burger though. And that was a kick ass beer.

Graduation rehearsal was the longest thing ever. It wasn’t too painful. However, no more then 4 people said to me, “Are you okay? You look tired.” What the fuck? I’m pretty sure I got a lot of sleep. the school next door is out for the summer, and I was really only annoyed by the loudness of just living on this street. Its so odd that if i move two blocks east, it will be a little less loud, and my windows a little thicker.

Fuck… I feel like a cow. And my thighs…looking mighty big. and my heart is wanting to just stay in and watching Lifetime. As soemone just said in the movie “I need to think about dating, before I forget how do it.” I think this movie is adlibbed.


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