Kashi Go Lean


1450 cc
392 cb (a ton of running around and answering questions and being slightly annoyed with EVERYONE)
1058 cr

I love the way my muscles feel right now. There is that slight tightness from yesterday’s work out…the workout that afterwhich I recieved a hug from my HOT aerobics instructor. Hot!

Tomorrow is graduation, and I am skipping the 945pm workout (who would have thought that would be a regular choice!) in order to not sweat out my newly straightened hair (that is as slightly heat damaged, see: my bangs). I also need to a)write my speech for tomorrow, b) figure out the names of the leadership presidents-which i could do tmoorrow, i guess, and c)prepare my note cards for tomorrow. I wonder where the hell my notecards are. I have my air conditioner on, hoping that the cool air will help me to sleep better tonight. I already took a nap this afternoon, partly because of the heat, partly because napping is what I do.

I am glad that I chose not to eat under stress today. I had a few bites of beans, and 4 oz of soda…shit, I didn’t log that. That’s okay…anyway, I just couldn’t eat much. I through it all away, and waited until 2:30 when I got my car washed and had some tacos! I love tacos. Alot. but we know that. No ice cream or gelato today. I need to be at the school tomorrow by 6:30 am, which means I need to leave here by 6! Which means that I have no idea how I’m going to eat breakfast. I don’t want to stop by McDonald’s for breakfast, that meal is easily 900 calories. Sandwich is 450, Hashbrown is 140, orange juice is 180. Okay, not quite 900, but isn’t that a lot for a breakfast. I feel uneasy about having the sausage mc muffin at 450 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 980 mg of sodium. I’ll have to wake up really early and have oatmeal. I’ll lay my out fit out tonight, and putting my hair up tomorrow won’t take that long. I’ll just wake up at 5. Which means….i should get to writing that speech.


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