I felt that i owed you this, being that I haven’t blogged since the 22nd. Its been a busy, and lazy week at the same time. A week filled with student requests, graduation preparation, First Aid/CPR training, Tb testing, LiveScanning, gelato eating, taco loving, and crowd controlling. Its been a hell of a week, and its only Wednesday.

I love the way my muscles feel right now. There is that slight tightness from yesterday’s work out…the workout that afterwhich I recieved a hug from my HOT aerobics instructor. Hot!

Tomorrow is graduation, and I am skipping the 945pm workout (who would have thought that would be a regular choice!) in order to not sweat out my newly straightened hair (that is as slightly heat damaged, see: my bangs). I also need to a)write my speech for tomorrow, b) figure out the names of the leadership presidents-which i could do tmoorrow, i guess, and c)prepare my note cards for tomorrow. I wonder where the hell my notecards are.

I have my air conditioner on, hoping that the cool air will help me to sleep better tonight. I already took a nap this afternoon, partly because of the heat, partly because napping is what I do. I had this realization this afternoon:

100% Handwash and Wax (Tues. and Weds.) 8.99
100% Handwash and wax (any other time) 10.99
Gold Wash (which, I have no idea what that includes) 39.99
Me not having to wash my car myself: Priceless

Because, I’ll be damned if I have buy all that car washing “Stuff” when someone else will gladly let me pay them to do it. My car has never been shinier. Before I took it in, it was covered with these little splatters of what I thought was dried sap….like sap was being sprinkled from the sky. It was so hot outside today that I instinctually feared that the sap would be petrified onto my car, never to be able to be removed. This carwash (of the 8.99 variety) was just what my car needed, and will recieve from now on. Its cheaper then my old carwash in Alhambra, and higher quality then the drive-thru wash in Eagle Rock. Plus, its like connected to my favorite taco stand. I got to eat tacos, get my car washed, and read! Beautiful.

Shit. I’ve been having these dreams that my apartment is filled with cockroaches, so I spent about 45 minutes cleaning this place from top to bottom (I have a small apartment). I need to be at my school by 6:30am tomorrow, therefore I need to wake at 5am…and I jsut realized that I fucking need to iron my robe for tomorrow’s ceremony. I should get to it. If i wasn’t blogging…it would be done by now. NOT.


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  1. It’s Thursday morning, 750 your time as I comment. I hope you got a good nights rest, and got your robed ironed.

    Where’s the picture of your muscles?

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