California Roll


1620 cc (not bad compared to the 2200 on Monday!)
584 cb (last minute run to the gym + mid morning calisthenics)
1036 cr (hmph)

The bad thing about eating sushi is that every time you burp, you can taste it again. That is not a good thing to me. I spent too much time doing nothing today. I did manage to get off my ass and go to the gym, though, which was quite a feat. I drink too much on the weekends, which kills calories lost. Maybe if I don’t eat all day on Fridays and Saturdays, my diet will become more balanced. Maybe if I don’t drink so much, I’ll save a shit load of money. Karla’s gang is doing this weight loss challenge where they are setting weight loss goals, and if they don’t meet their goals they have to put $5 into a pot. Whoever has met their goal at the end will be the person to receive the accumulated money. I’m not going that far. I will set the goal of losing 1 pound a week from July 1st-July 26th, then 2 pounds a week from July 27th until November 25th, then one pound a week from November 26th until January 1st, 2007. Let’s see how many pounds that will be: 4+40=44lbs. WOW. Shit, um…see, that’s me reaching for the moon because at least if I fail I’ll land amongst the stars. Cuz, I don’t think I’d look to hot at 140lbs. I think if I can get down to 165 I will stay there for as long as possible. I think 165 is a weight I can maintain. I found this picture of me from last March, when I know that I weighed 205 pounds. My face and body were so round, and that was a time after having already dropped 30 pounds. Now, I’m 20 pounds lighter then that. My friend Sam to our friend Karla that as I was standing on the podium giving my speech to the seniors, and as I was wearing that huge graduation robe, that I looked really good. 20 more pounds couldn’t hurt, could it? I’m sure from there i will gain at least 5lbs, but I think by that point I will have been working out for like 3 years straight….so I’ll have become pretty adapt to keeping in shape. Goodness…

So, here is what its going to take:
No pizza, no pasta, no pop, no papas frites in large numbers, no cheeseburgers more then once a week…good…I’m going to have to give up cheeseburgers all together, and move on to just burgers…turkey burgers…veggie burgers? Are those any better? Yes, one veggie patty has 1/2 the calories of a frozen hamburger patty (and you know at least 75% + of the calories of a 100% angus/sorloin/bought at the Yardhouse burger). So, you know…its cool. I haven’t eat pasta at all this week. Pizza either. Soda, yes. Popcorn, yes. But I’m getting rid of those both! Right now I’m getting strawberries. Or maybe just some water. I’ve got to get out of that bored eating phase. Back to the drawing board go I.


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