…was amazing. Just amazing. I gave a speech that was really what I felt was a meaningful goodbye, without it being about me at all. I reminded them of all the fun we’d had this past year, and how they are at the beginning of the best times of their lives, and that if they learn nothing else from me let it be to be true to themselves, and to honor the individual that is inside each of them. It was pretty cool when at one point I paused and I was beginning to give them my final message and I hear this big “SHHHHH!” from the audience. Teachers told me afterwards that it was a great speech, and that the students had felt that I really cared about them (because I do) and that I spoke to them at their level, so that maybe they would remember to actually be true to themselves… or at least it will be a fleeting memory. Some of the trouble making students of these last three weeks came up to me and gave me a hug, as well as one of my own students. A group of girls from the audience shouted “we love you, ms. Rodgers” when I walked up to the podium. One young man turned around and shook my hand after he’d recieved his diploma–a young man who I almost didn’t let clear because he was finishing classwork that should have been done two weeks ago, and arrived at senior clearance 15minutes after it was completed. I pulled him aside when he showed up and told him that he needed to get himself together and remain on top of things because people will take advantage of him and he is too smart and has worked too hard to let that happen just because he didn’t have his shit together. (None of these events happened in the order recalled…i’m just typing out what I remember, because, honestly, I don’t want to forget). It was important for me to remind them that about even if they never remembered any of the advice i’d given them these past four years, because I’ve chewed out, reprimanded, supported, soothed, shushed and celebrated at least 95% of them. The other 5% i’d never seen before. But I’ve always loved, and liked all of them.

After graduation I took a ton of pictures with students, before heading towards the Yardhouse for drinks…and boy were there a lot of them. I drank my first lemondrop martini in 2 minutes. I went on to have 2 more…and it wasn’t until about 9pm (4 hours later) did i realize that all of the teachers were incredibly drunk, the administrators were more gone then all of us, and that martinis are essentially two really strong alcohols blended, then flavored. I then went out on Friday night for a wine tasting, and got really drunk, and then went drinking again last night in West Hollywood (and ended up meeting the ex-boyfriend of a recently out of the closet Dan, whom I know from TFA–small fucking world). It all starts again the day after tomorrow. We’re going out on the 3rd, then the 4th (I’ll be DD on the 4th-its Esther’s birthday, and we have at least 3 BBQs to hit up)…and then I’m getting my hair done on the 5th so that the celebrations can begin again on the 6th. My big goal is to actually do as little eating as possible this week so that all the calories I consume will be from the alcohol. Just trying to stay within the limits of my calorie goal. you understand.

I can now begin my life post Franklin. I can now begin my first vacation. I am going to try to change my flight plans so that I can leave LA a day early. I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.


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  1. you can’t wait. I can’t wait. This is going to be off the hizzookk.


    PS. your story about graduation almost made me cry. seriously

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