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549 cb
951 cr

The holiday season is coming up. And we know that during this particular holiday season there is a bbq at every turn. So, I worked out yesterday, I worked out tonight, and I’ll work out tomorrow. Now, my next task is to figure out how to make the most of my days now that I don’t have to work. I’m actually wondering how I can use this time to meet new people, people who are sexy, who I can make out with. Or at least have a descent conversation with. Goodness, I don’t know how to fucking live…or who I am…besides a woman who has accepted her neurosis about weight loss and being single. I’ve accepted the fact that I will always be concerned with my weight…and i am okay with that. I don’t know about the rest of me. my friends tell me i’m great. i’m just shy–in my opinion. I never know what to say or do around anybody anymore. I’d just rather read, or dance. why do we have to do so much talking? I never even know what I like or who i like. but i’m working on that! tomorrow i will go to the beach, or a coffee shop in west hollywood. See what I can scope out. wish me luck.


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