broken english


“before you find love you must find yourself.” Well, occasionally…actually, more often then not, I find myself napping on top of my bed…especially if i wake up early like i did today. does that count? no? oh, come on! you are so fucking fired.

I think tomorrow i will go to a golf course and see what that’s all about. I really just want to hit from a driving range. a colleague of mine told me about a driving range close to here, where you can rent golf clubs…but I’ll be damned if i could remember the name of it. why is it so f-ing hot? can you hit golf balls in summer dress? i guess a step to finding yourself is doing whatever you want to do.

I’m going to a night game tonight. dodgers vs. braves? doesn’t matter. it will be good friends, beer, dodger dogs, and garlic fries. and as little sweating as possible.

i returned my keys to Franklin today. that was the weirdest feeling, being back on campus but not having any obligations at all. it smelled weird when i walked into a classroom full of my students….who were doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a worksheet, not a printed article…nothing. Um…I’m sorry. From day one, when I knew nothing about teaching I had those kids working. I had no books for the entire first year, and I had those kids working EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even the first week of school. Especially, on Friday of the first week of school. I went to drop off a CD of English resources, that were organized by how each document could be used. I also told her that one of the students should be moved from SDC to MR as per the IEP I wrote last year. she was really grateful…and, stated that even though i wasn’t there at Franklin, that the kids shouldn’t worry because I’d still be going to the football games. because you know how that’s the only fucking thing that matters. and it smelled. honestly, i don’t think that i’ll visit as much as i said i would. i didn’t even stay to eat lunch wwith kars. i just wanted to get off of campus, and to buy my renter’s insurance (i have to go back on monday because their program wasn’t working…pray for my apartment). I suppose i should get back to work…i mean living…which means getting ready for the game.


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