Miller Lite


1310 cc (not including last night’s late night pig out at IHOP.)
0 cb (not yet, at least.)
1310 cr

Its impossible for me to keep track of my calories over holiday weekends. All i know is that the amount of red meat i consumed on the 4th was insane. And the amount of alcohol consumed this weekend was normal…so its okay if I only consumed 970 calories today because it got consumed somehow. I went to a baseball game on Friday, after spending most of thursday shopping and avoiding eating out at some place unhealthy, and only ate only a hotdog and a diet coke at the game. Before the game and after the game I had beer though. Newcastle Brown Ale has 150 calories per bottle. 600 calories in beer consumed. Let’s do the math.

Kashi Go Lean Cereal and Soy Milk 200 calories
Chicken Green Curry and Brown Rice 350 calories
Dodger Dog 340 calories
4 New castles 600 calories

1490 calories. Hey, that’s not bad. I guess I just really have to concentrate on it. Make purposeful and dutiful choices. I went to Target yesterday and picked up some resistance bands so that I can work out at home and on the road. It will be a better way to build muscle. I should try it now as I watch Harry Potter.

I wish i had more self control and didn’t drink while i danced. but it makes dancing that much easier.

I’ve decided that Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine Pizza or pasta is completley exceptable. I say this because I just slipped and had french bread pizza. It was only 340 calories. I better wake up tomorrow weighing less. I didn’t go to the gym, but I did a few resistance exercises. I need to find a bunch of these on line so that I can have more of them and make my work out more efficient. I don’t know if it was the resistance exercises or the napping that caused the tightness in my neck. What is wrong with me?


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