Domestic flights


so, I haven’t even begun packing, and i still haven’t made a large dent in the To Do list that must be completed before I get on my plane tomorrow. But I did manage to get my Internet to work again (I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Pasadena), and now my printer is hooked up to my airport wireless express…so guess who doesn’t even need to move in order to print? that’s right, me. I just pushed print, and bam…my document printed. It truly is the most beautiful sound in the world. I’m not taking my lap top with me to Seattle. I don’t need it, and any documents I do need, I will email to my GMail account and have access through to them through there. I will also be smart and take some of them with me (I mean, might as well, now that i can print from where ever), which will still be lighter then taking my laptop with me. I’ll finish getting my renter’s insurance tomorrow. you know…for karma’s sake. I’ve had a pretty productive day, though. Worked out, went to a meeting, ate an entire can of tuna disguised as a tuna sandwich…i feel good about this day. I also need to wash my dishes. I also need to tweeze my eyebrows. But, instead, i will watch the Godfather.

I watch the Godfather everytime its on TV…and lately, Bravo’s been showing it a lot. Granted, its the made for tv version–as in there are pertinent scenes added (Michael and Kat all shacked up in bed at a hotel) and removed (all reference to Robert Deniro in Godfather 2). I don’t know if this makes for a better viewing, but I do know that I’ve seen characters tonight that I never saw in the DVD version of the Godfather 1(Theresa, tom’s wife, waiting for him to come home from the meeting with the Turk. And how he hugs here when he comes home from teh meeting with the Turk. All the men in teh family are so gentle with Theresa in that moment. Before I’d never even known that Tom was married). Can I just say that James Caan, Marlon Brando, and Al Pacino are way become way more attractive the more i watch this film. I mean, for reals. Which brings us to the question of the hour. I ask you, my dear friends, who is the sexiest character in literature-fiction or nonfiction? this can be from any time in your life, when you were a kid, something you read recently, children’s literature, adult erotica, whatever. I’m going with two: Sirius Black from Harry Potter (he’s a good blend of bad guy/good guy…really cares about harry, but will kill if need be), and Sonny (James Caan) from the Godfather (he’s a hot head…and would more then likely cheat on you……but goodness, he looks like he could lay some good pipe). I have older friends who would vote for Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice fame…but then again, they’re old. I expect to hear from Shalimar and Walter, at least!


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