new sheriff


I am completely and utterly in love with Jude Law. and Jack Black. Yes…that’s it…both of them. they are so perfect and imperfect. And AMAZING. Everything sounds so much better coming out of Jude Law’s mouth, and Jack Black is hilarious…always. Well, except in the movie closer because, well, Jude Law is such a cad in that movie. A cuckhold cad. Or more like a whiny bitch of a man. But in the Holiday, goodness in the movie The Holiday, he makes me want to have children with him. Even if one day he’d say to me, “Sweety, i don’t know how it happened. I just slipped, and it fell inside of her” that fat nanny of a woman. Chances are that jack black would actually make me laugh….and make me breakfast. God. SWOOON. i love the movies.


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  1. I like your range in men, not that I like the men you like cause I don’t like men that way, but I like the fact you have a range, and fat men everywhere are rejoicing that there’s hope they might end up with a hottie in cali.

    I can understand the attraction between Jack and Jude, but which one do you think would be better in the sack?

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