Spaghetti ala mom


So, I’m on vacation with delusions of grandeur, mainly that I will get up and work out. HA! that has not happened once. I have taken more naps while on vacation then I have…EVER. Its delicious. DELICIOUS. So are the millions of grams of carbohydrates that I’ve inhaled in the last week. DELICIOUS. I know that I’m not going to gain 50 pounds while I’m here…I’m just not going to worry about what I gain while I’m home, and then make getting Jennifer Lopez’s body my main goal when I return to Los Angeles. That’s right. I said it. I feel like this is a circle of trust and acceptance. When people ask what I do for fun, I’ll tell them I’m in training for … you know…life. I need an excuse. Broadway? A triathlon? Celebrity fit club? A marathon? Scott Baio?

So, I’m taking a solo trip to Portland on Saturday. I’m going to hit Powell’s bookstore, which has this great website with a walking map to downtown Portland…so I started with a very small idea of what i was going to do that has now expanded to park my car, and start walking. Chinatown will be my first stop, which is approximately 6 blocks from where I’ll begin. I picked up my new cell phone, my new converses, I’ve got my new purse, and I’ll grab the rental car tomorrow around noon. I’m visiting my friend Sarah in Puyallup, and will head to Seattle on Friday, and from there head to Portland. Dan Savage said it best about why folks from Seattle who have never visited Portland don’t bother going: Seattle is cold, grey, and wet….Portland is cold, grey, and wet, both cities have pioneer squares, downtowns, and broadways…they’re the same place! But I really want to make this vacation an adventure. I’m going to place a bulletin on myspace, and see if any of my pnw friends would like to join me. I hesitate because, besides the Seattle crew, it could be really awkward spending the weekend with a person i barely even talk to…so maybe I’ll keep it word of mouth like.

Fuck. where is my biscuit?


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