balance, basis in reality


CC: no idea, but too many
CB: no idea, but not enough
CR: no idea, but who cares

I am finally back from weeks of vacationing and paid trainings. I have officially ended the insanity of being away from home for extended periods of time that put me in the position to ruin my diet completley. Starting tomorrow I get back on the band wagon of eating right and working out. I’m up to at least 188-190lbs. I’m not freaking out. I’m just going to get going all over again. Being at this new work site is something else, so I have to remember to prepare for that just as I would prepare for life at franklin. I picked up some healthy food alternatives, though they included whole wheat bread and pasta (carbs!) but I wil make sure to not consume over 1200 calories (average) everyday this week. i need to learn to love my body…i just have no idea where to start, you know. I guess i can start…one day at a time.

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