i’m supposed to be writing. except, its too damn hot to write. its what i told myself i would do in the afternoon instead of napping…except, i really want to take a nap because i have to work out at 730, and well, who doesn’t like sleep. Its just too fucking hot to write. Hold on.

I totally took a nap. I laid down and passed out. I woke up in time to get dressed and race over to aerobics. Anyway, so I’m supposed to write for my soul, but my soul just wants to take a nap most of the time. Nap, move, and dance…and drive a mercedes convertible…but that’s just not in the picture. I’m going to make writing a large part of my afternoons after work. It will be my appointment with myself before aerobics, and then watching The Hills will my appointment with myself after aerobics. MTV doesn’t need anymore shows about rich white kids in southern cali. they just need to do the one show they have really, really well. but no one asked me…and that’s how Newport Beach got put on the air. Had someone asked me, I would have said no. I am so addicted to this shit. HOw tragic will it be when they are in their 50’s and able to watch the best years of their lives on DVD? Actually, probably not so tragic for these Hills girls. Who it will be tragic for are those poor bastards who have made appearances on Real World-Road Rules Challenge a fucking 9 to 5 job. One could definitely say spending all that prize money on designer jeans and sunglasses may not be the wisest choice. But, looking at how the stock market is going, investing it may not be the wisest choice either. I actually explained to someone what was going on with the stock market! I felt very well informed and was pleased that I was able to articulate just how subprime mortages are affecting the stock market. Thanks Denise! We talked it out one night while in San Diego because it was all over the news, and I have always been slightly confused about the finer details of the ending of the classic movie Trading Spaces…or Trading places–the movie with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy, back when both actors were funny.

So at this prison in the Filopines the inmates are taught choreographed dance to make music videos. Like everyone in the prison is dancing at the same time to the same moves. It started as a way to give the detainees a chance to exercise…and just spiraled from there. Apparently, they’re not all prisoners, but some are political prisoners, and detainees awaiting trial. As a person a world away it seems amusing, but really its kind of torturous on the body. but so is prison violence and gang rape, so its really a tough call.


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