Dear Nick Cannon


You’re an idiot. Who gets engaged in order to give themselves time to get to know their future spouse? Shouldn’t you already have a pretty good grasp of the person to whom you intend to be betrothed before doing so? I’m just saying. Just stop speaking. I’m sure its pretty fucking awesome to be engaged to/having sex with a Victoria’s secret model…I mean, seriously. But, for your sake and hers…just stop speaking.

I am a training that has been just this side of useless, but luckily falling on the side of useful, because the technology component of this training is down. Which is unfortunate, because its ENTIRELY technology based. Jimeny Cricket. But I feel like I’ve learned something, so, hey! Whatever. How is your day going?

this training is painfully boring. we just switched rooms, and i want to poke my eye out. i have a habit of sitting in the front row and then blatantly not pay attention. you know what kills me…stupid, relevant to one person questions. they kill me because i will never get that time back. argh. now i’m hungry. i alsp enjoy getting up and walking out of presentations, like for bathroom breaks. its how i punish others. watch me walk out.


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  1. My day is going good, I had a doctor’s appt, they drew blood and gave me a glucose tolerance test. I gotta beat the ‘betes. I won’t let it take me over.

    I’ll watch you walk out, then walk out myself. It’s Wednesday, surely there has to be a sushi restaurant running a special somewhere, or even better a good quality sushi buffet somewhere around there right? Let’s walk to that.

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