Baldwin Hills


So, on Monday I made this comment: “MTV doesn’t need anymore shows about rich white kids in southern cali. they just need to do the one show they have really, really well. but no one asked me…and that’s how Newport Beach got put on the air. Had someone asked me, I would have said no. I am so addicted to this shit. HOw tragic will it be when they are in their 50’s and able to watch the best years of their lives on DVD? Actually, probably not so tragic for these Hills girls.” Apparently BET was one up on me already…as usual. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new obsession: Baldwin Hills. YEAH! I am so excited. Stop laughing. I’m headed to coldwell banker to see how much property cost in that area. I’ve gotten lost there trying to figure out exactly how to get somewhere (i don’t know where I was going, but I think I was picking someone up) and it seemed mighty nice. See what you miss when you go on vacation for a month!

I’m getting out of the house today for non work business–yes! I say that like I’ve been having to work all summer or something. I’m just super fucking into being on vacation. IT makes me extremely happy. I’m going somewhere so that I can write and read for a bit. Then I’ll head downtown to drop off some paperwork. My friend wants me to visit her at Franklin….but….I’m kind of apprehensive about showing up on campus. I really want to hang out with her, but I don’t want to visit my old students because it depresses me. I’m not there, and I’m happy to not be there…can you see why i would be conflicted. argh. I’ll suck it up. Head up there 5th period, so that no kids are running around during lunch. Time to do some much needed internet research on the wacky 101 things I’m interested in. ADIOS.


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