Dear Matt Leinhart, Eddie Murphy, Stephen Bing…


and really, all men,

You know what’s cheaper then child support, the attorney’s fees for presiding over a custody agreement, and the cost of financially and emotionally blackmailing your kind of unwanted child? A condom.

You know what’s stronger then your pride, and lasts much longer then the small glimmer of hope you’ve placed your rising (or in some cases, has-been) career upon? Your dignity. You know that thing that comes to the surface when you take responsibility for the fact that you didn’t wear a condom, and simply shut the fuck up, not disrespect the mother of your child, and simply act like a man. I’m just sayin’.

Hmph. And we’re the weaker sex?

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  1. I think it’d be cheaper and a great benefit to society in general to have these men sterilized so their dna is out of the gene pool.

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