you know what type of food isn’t good for you: the baked kind. I wish that I could capture this PDF as a photo, but really, there are only two marginally healthy baked good items available from tsarbucks: bran mini muffin (150), and the whole wheat no sugar added pumpkin mini loaf (250 disgusting calories- I am not a pumpkin lover). Mini loaf implies smaller then normal. Honestly, i have never, ever seen these items at a tsarbucks. But they insist or imply the possibility of their existence.

Every time I go out of town for a training or vacation, my source of nutrition comes from good meaning restaurants with enormous sized servings. Friday evening we went to the Claimjumpers in Temecula. I was so tired that I didn’t even order a drink–much to the surprise of my principal. I ordered the meatloaf, and gnoshed on appetizers until my meal came (appetizers never count). When my order arrived it was covered in this disgusting gravy, so i asked the waiter if it was possible to get an order sans gravy. When he brought it back, I was so out of it that I only ended up eating 1/4 of the 2 slices of meatloaf. I ate the rest of the meal for dinner last night when I returned from Temecula. it was only okay. Eating out, eating in, often times highly disappointing. I much more enjoy the company then I do the food.

I was supposed to go out last night with Stephen when I got into town, however I was dead tired. Two weeks ago when I spent the day at Zuma beach with stephen, we ended up going out that night…and I was so tired that I didn’t even finish my drink. I could barely engage in conversation, and I just really wanted to sit back and watch the world go by, which is the wrong answer when you’re kicking it with friends. I didn’t want last night to be a repeat, so I texted him to let him know I was staying in. It was an overwhelming exhaustion that nearly made it impossible to sleep. I hate that. when your body is so tired but you’re unable to sleep…argh. The heat didn’t help…it just made it supremely uncomfortable, considering that it is nearly impossible for me to sleep without a heavy blanket (its comforting). I popped in earplugs (the folks across the street were having a party), I turned on the fan (which may be set on a timer, because it was off this morning), switched off the tv and the lamp and knocked out. this place is a mess, but I feel the need to finish watching The Holiday and then head to tsarbucks (the independent coffee shop doesn’t serve apple cider) to write. I’m gonna wear my converse…its the weekend.


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