writer’s block


I spent all of the week before last in San Diego at an AVID conference. There were four of us colleagues there, getting to know each other and having a great time. This last Friday night the entire staff stayed in Temecula for a staff retreat, and found ourselves laughing so hard so many times that it felt really great to be among friends. I love laughing and hanging out. If I could get paid for it I would be so happy. I ended up dropping off one of my co-workers in Palms , and ended up down the street from Amanda, so I got to hang out with her too. I spent today at the tsarbucks down the street writing. Its been so long since I’ve just wrote and wrote and wrote. This writing bug was inspired by Denise, one of my coworkers. While we were in San Diego I was telling her the story of how I happened to LA. She was riveted, absolutely fascinated by how I hustled to stay in Los Angeles. Things didn’t start out as planned, and almost didn’t happen at all. She said i needed to start at the beginning and just keep writing until i felt like the hustle had ended…which in a sense, hopefully, will be very soon. i’m looking forward to being at that point where i don’t have to worry about money, where i can start paying my mother and my sister back for their support, where i can save money on the regular. So i sat down today, and got started…and i didn’t stop until three hours had passed. AT one point she called me and was super excited when i told her i was writing. So, i’m going to keep at it. I’m just trying to get it out, because i think i could transform it to something else, a narrative, flesh it out, give it something more. i’m just excited that i got started.

I think i’m losing it a slight bit. whenever people start to ask me how old I am, i immediately begin to say “24.” Well, today when denise called, I was sitting at tsarbucks writing, and when she asked me where I was, I immediately said, “Target…wait, no, I am not at target, I have no idea why i said that.” She had a great laugh, but isn’t that weird. i thought so.


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