so i’ve decided that i have two options of things i can do with my evening….i can work out or i can write. I’m choosing writing tonight because i am watching this really romantic movie on Logo, and I’m a bit lazy. I’m going to type out the writing i did on sunday. My mirror is crooked. Argh…i need to figure out someway to do all the work i need to do, and still have fun. i want to dance and play volleyball. i should put up a posting on craigslist and solicit for a volleyball group that will allow a newbie with zero experience to play. i have height. that counts for something.

So, i’m taking my laptop into be fixed, and i’ve gotten some really good prices ($200), but let’s see if that changes when they see the product. Apple says they’ll fix it for $600, and it will come back and look like new…except, I don’t need that. I need to be able to charge it so that I can have my own peice of home. Using other people’s computers, as nice as it is to be able to connect, is killing. There is so much work I need to do, and really, I only feel comfortable doing it on this machine. Its my baby. So, here’s my question: will i have to pay for them to fix my laptop before they fix it, or after? Just wondering. Also, do you think any of my private information that i have stored on this machine will be compromised in anyway? They don’t really have to turn on the computer, so i guess not. Answers please.

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  1. I think they charge you after you pick up your pc, but it’ll depend on the place. As for personal information I’d change your boot up so you have to sign in with a password, but to be honest if some tech out there is unscrupulous they could still get to sensitive information IF they really wanted to, but I don’t think that happens very often.

    What’s wrong with your laptop?

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