So, can you guess who just picked up her MacBook? Yep, Me! Its so cool! I’ve transferred my music and most school files from my external harddrive, and am now loading up my Office 2004 Suite (not bootleg, I have the license). I’m so happy to have a computer that functions normally (re: quickly, intuitively, and without annoyance) again. I am torn about whether or not to get my own computer fixed, especially since I’ll be assigned this computer for the next 3 years (hell yea!)

I also got paid today. HOLY CRAP. All i have to say is this: in 2003, I lived for one month on what I will now make every two weeks. HOLY CRAP. My life is about to get really nice. I can start to efficiently pay off student loans, save for a rainy day, buy bottles of wine that cost more then 2 bucks (I got a reisling and a merlot today), as well as a new pillow, a new pair of shoes, the dvd box set of Bones (for 19.99, considerable less then what Best Buy sells it for- $41.99- which should be a crime), and some junk food (its Friday). I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. And buying a grown folks ironing board (which was what really excited me about this pay check). Now maybe my eyelid will stop twitching.

i am going to take the next couple of days (not nights) to put this computer to work and really start working. Yee-haw!


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  1. Hey now, I digged the twitching eyelid. 😉

    Most of my apps are freeware, and the ones that aren’t are definitely bootlegged. I feel so shamed….NOT!

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