A day at the races


The school opens Tuesday. I’ve been hanging out a lot with a few of my co-workers because they are superfun. I’m not nearly as stressed out as they are, probably because I’ve done this before… and I know that the stress won’t really help do more then to make me forget what I really need to focus on. I hate it when I leave campus and suddenly everything I need to do flees my mind and I have no idea how to prepare for the next day. I’ll make it do what it do. I always do. Really, I have to remain seriously flexible for the sake of my teachers and my students.

I got new earrings that I really like, and I’ve been working late this last week creating presentations, which has thrown off my sleeping schedule. Its so hot here that I think that If I buy work shirts, I am going to drive home in a tank top to risk sweating up my clothes. it takes me about an hour to get home, and only about 30 minutes to get there in the morning. I don’t mind the drive, its just that when its this hot, and gas cost this much, I don’t want to use the AC, but I know I will die without it. I don’t take the freeway home in the afternoon- i prefer the constant movement of traffic, even if the ETA is the same.

In addition to the added excitement of the new school year, I found out that I am gluten sensitive. What does that mean, you ask? That eating things with wheat in them irritates my intestine. If i continue to eat food items with wheat in them (such as the toast I had this morning for breakfast, or the quesadilla-flour tortilla-, or the bread I ate with my salad for dinner- oil and vinegar dressing- or the toast I ate yesterday for breakfast, or the cookie i had yesterday afternoon, because I’m addicted to sugar) my body will condition it self to constantly flushing my system (as it did yesterday and today, and has done, for at least a month) so that when ever I eat anything my intestines will flush the nutrients out of my body and leave me malnourished. It gets progressively worse of you continue to eat foods with gluten in them. Now, not eating foods with gluten in them is more difficult then you think. I can’t believe that people actually go on non-gluten diets willingly. I would still be eating bread and cookie and tortillas if it didn’t leave my in the bathroom so frequently. Its a lot harder to not eat wheat then one would think. For instance, I cannot eat the wheat English muffins I bought at Trader Joe’s on Sunday, and I didn’t even realize that a flour tortilla would hurt my stomach, I just ordered it on reflex. I ate that at noon, my intestines were still pissed at 6pm. Not angry, but definitely on a cold shouldered basis with me. How do I know its not a lactose reaction? Unless its ice cream, I don’t eat dairy often. I don’t drink milk (lite vanilla soymilk all the way), I’ve eaten light cheese on a salad a week ago and was perfectly fine, and the only other time dairy was involved with my stomach being upset, it was because i was inhaling fried jalepeno poppers! no one’s body wants that. So, now I have to figure out what I am going to do by way of food. Its breakfast I am having the hardest time with. No more kashi cereal, and possibly no more oatmeal…and definitely no more toast!!!! I can throw together a meal that doesn’t involve bread, no problem, just replace it all with organic brown rice….its just that, really, i’m sad for this predicament because I love toast. I love it so much. I love flour tortillas, and english muffins, and pita bread, and honestly, i don’t want to have to replace those lovely things with gluten free bread! CRAP! This also means that I can only eat gluten free pastries…so long, real pastries. i want to cry. seriously. SHIT! I left my sorbet out too long…and this apartment is an oven. excuse me while i contemplate the rest of my life without bread/wheat. argh


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