The Dark Knight


Batman is my favorite superhero. It can be said that he essentially creates all of his enemies…or so its been written into his original comic book story lines, then retconned for the movies. And I tell you, if Christian Bale continues to play Batman, then I will continue to want to do dirty, dirty things to him. Or wholesome, family building things with him. You know, whatever.

HAI designated tonight to be the night that all of his students wore yellow to class. I don’t have a single stitch of yellow clothing, and didn’t go buy anything yellow, so i stood out. Luckily, so did some others. well, low and behold, yellow is not only the color of patriotism (see: support our troops ribbons) but also cancer research…cancer, which he’s had, fought, and beat…twice. I actually said to my neighbor in class, “that just makes him so much hotter.” because it does. He also was standing out of sight and said, “Candace, do you have your weights?” to which I responded, “yes…where are you? Its like the voice of God.” he’s nice. i’ve got to get my butt to class more often. i missed last thursday because i was super tired. today i was also super tired, so i came home and took a nap until 7, dragged myself up and motored over to Bally’s.

Today was our first day of school. Being in the thick of it was a tad bit overwhelming. I forgot how your feet feel when you stand all day. DREADFUL. I talked with Esther whose been teaching RSP much longer then me (a year) so she has experience. She invited me to come see how her day looks, and I think I will take Friday to do so. Some Friday, maybe not this friday…but maybe so. whatever. the first day went fine. i wasn’t nervous, i had my ducks in a row. I had my photocopies ready and things were generally prepared, so you know…it worked out. I know how to make it work and we need to just get passed this getting to know you stage and get down to business. this house is filled with dirty dishes and blahness.

I am enjoying reading Meg Cabot and Jennifer Weiner books. They read like romantic comedies, and i often find myself laughing out loud. i’m’ going to do my dishes, take a shower, and read some more. Tomorrow is my first day of class at LACC. wish me luck.

Walter, at least i can eat oatmeal…its the croissant of the 1800’s!

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  1. I’m glad you can still eat Oatmeal, but hopefully there’ll be more fun things on the menu.

    Good to hear your first day of school went well, and the “get to know” time shouldn’t last too long.

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