comfortably numb


quote of the day: “this powerpoint is tight!” because it was. i’ve set a standard i must maintain.

I had my first LACC class tonight. STATS. this will not be a piece of cake. i am going to make a spreadsheet of my life to show the kids how i am going through a lot of the same anxieties.

I finally have welligent access (so that i can write IEPs) so the real work is going to begin. i have a disciplinary meeting tomorrow. With the mother of the same student who said my power point was tight. no one’s perfect.

i like how this has become the season without movies. i’ve only saw two movies this summer, and don’t see myself finding the time to see more. i was on vacation and couldn’t find the time to see more. We have our first field trip on saturday (Anel City Classic) and i’m thinking about bailing in order to do work. eek. but probably not. there os a step show, a battle of the bands, and a football game…re: cute black men…who may not be gay. Did i tell you about my excursion to the Abbey on Sunday? Walked in to be greeted by every good looking, dark skinned, sexy, fit black man in Los Angeles. I texted my girl denise “Every good looking black man in LA is at the Abbey, and is Gay!” Denise theorized that this is a time of experimenting for young people, not a time to decide their life long sexual labels. Whatever…They were so hot though…as gay men happen to be. Good to see things are consistent. off to work.


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