while working late, I turned on my tv to find my cable finally working. I drank my wine, and watched my hitchcock movies on AMC (what a loving channel), and the movie Saboteur comes on. I’ve never seen this one before…but apparently there are three gentleman, two who are friends, and one gentleman whom the friends run into. So, suddenly there is a fire aboard the ship/train/plane they’re on, and the main character, to be here on out known as M, sees the one gentleman, known as S-for stranger- putting out the fire. Well, M and M’s friend, D, decide to get in on the hero action (which M actually says in not so many words), and M passes D a fire extinguisher, and they prepare to put out the flame…however, the extinguisher is filled with gasoline and shit hits the fan. I swear, the amount of time that it took me to write this was the exact same amount of time Hitchcock allotted to this scene. So M goes on the run because he’s been branded far and wide as a “saboteur” which i guess means treasonist, D dies (hense the initial D), and S goes missing and becomes the object of M’s hunt. So…blah blah blah, the young lady whose been entrusted to deliver him to freedom decides she’s going to turn him into the police. He gets free, and drags her into the woods. Where this scene takes place:

(overlooking the road from the hill above, wind blowing)

Girl: I’m cold.
M: I can think of a few ways to remedy that.
G: (looks at him shocked and says something like) Well, I never!
M: I didn’t want to insult you by not trying.

WHAT THE FUCK! I forgot how/never noticed how completely sexist and cliche some films are. He then threatens to leave her in the woods with the snakes, and calls her stupid…several times. The rest is history because now they’ve hopped aboard the train and she’s leaning on his shoulder after they’ve avoided the police, saying, “I believe you….” I knew immediately that he was talking about sex in the few lines above (he could have been talking about lighting fires…but no..he wasn’t), but i was blown away by “I didn’t want to insult you by not trying”. wow. that’s something else. not nearly as shocking as the interchange i heard on MadMen where the wife of the main character and her friend talk about how satisified/fulfilled they feel when they know that they’ve made men look at them in a sexual nature. The world has not changed so much at all. now, remember that Mad Men takes place in 1960…but, feminism be damned, i don’t see that the social climate has changed all that much. the details have changed, but the execution is relatively similar.


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