so its been requested that I update my readers, STAT! so here it is, in the vaguest terms possible:

* work is work…these kids are the rudest little fuckers you have ever seen. I swear to god. They are the reason they have Teach for America and Green Dot. I swear, if these students are the future of black and brown people in Los Angeles, then all will be lost, if they don’t fucking straighten up and fly right. Its the green dot dream for these kids to compete on the college prep-IVY league level…and honestly, if they don’t fucking fly right NOW, its not going to happen. Fucking kids. Okay, and scene (deep breath).

*I’m taking a stats class that is paying off socially more so then academically. I’m getting it, but I’m having more fun kicking it and studying like I’m in college as opposed to studying and working full time. Things are happening on this front that are about as clear as watered down skim milk. I can see what I’m drinking, but I’m going to need some clarification for the sake of not continuing to do the same thing over and over yet still expecting the different results. That is the definition of insanity. I am doing things slightly differently, to different results thus far. Shals, all me…i’ll fill you in.

* I have braces. I can’t remember if I updated you all on my need for braces. I went the orthodontist and she suggested braces for 8-12 months to correct my bite and to prepare my mouth for implants. So…friday I took the day off to actually get my top front teeth braced. they’re clear. today was my first day back at work with them, and the kids responded well. my self esteem responded well.

* what is with people celebrating columbus day? I’m listening to my classmates talk about having today off because it was a government holiday….of celebrating the great genocidal instigator. NICE. granted, we’re all just concerned about having a day off, not the moral foundation from which it is based. That speaks volumes about our moral compass as a generation.
time for class

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