i would kill for bagels and lox…but i can’t have them because my stomach isn’t tolerating wheat at the moment. I haven’t had a single drop of water, and I’ve had it to about HERE with bad ass children. Children who continue to act bad even when their parents are present. WTF. But the good still out weigh the bad even on a bad day, so I keep doing what I’m doing because if I don’t, who will? Which sounds like a terribly narcissistic question…but that’s the exactly why I joined teach for america. they made it sound like No one else would! And I’ve yet to have to compete for a job, so that is a great indicator of my worth! Today has been enforcer day…as in, I’ve been playing the role of enforcer for today. The children have been particularly testy today, and well, isn’t that grand. Tomorrow I have to present at two expulsion hearings! Yaa! get the fuck out. Grand total breakdown:

1 runaway
2 expulsion hearings
1 parent shadow
1 lunch detention
5 classroom pullouts(discipline)
5 classroom pullouts (academics! Yeah!)
1 detention student (i was baby sitting because this kid’s a whiner and was annoying the other teacher)
1 community service student (because he was tagging on the bus)
1 student studying silently…working incredibly hard to get his work done
1 compliment from a green dot exec (“you’re the best special ed teacher i’ve ever worked with” -context: my pre emptive work for the expulsion hearing)PRICELESS

I’m starving.


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  1. So, I was thinking of taking my CSET for English- maybe I don’t want to teach High School? Or is it just YOUR particular job?

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