I love bananas


I mean, I love banana republic. Real bananas are far too temperamental, they get mushy too fast. I went on a shopping spree after my orthodontist appointment. I got a BR card because there were these boots that I’ve been dreaming about, and well, I wanted them…along with everything else in the store. I need work clothes like no one’s business. And now I’ve got them! Want to read what I got!?

1 pair of riding boots (stella)
2 lace camisoles (emerald green, cranberry)
1 pair slim fit jeans (for the riding boots and to be au currant)
1 denim pencil skirt
1 pencil skirt in gray
1 black knit shrug

From H&M i got:
1 heather grey tunic sweater
1 cream colored codouroy skirt

From Victoria’s Secret I got
1 lace black bra

See, I am totally set and ready for life amoungst adults. Or least I’m ready to dress amoungst adults. I should be studying for my exam…I think I will watch Planet Terror instead.


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