sleep to dream


so I’ve got to do something on sundays besides sleep. I mean, I guess, staying up until 4, then falling asleep on my floor until 8:30, and then napping again from noon until 4 is understandable. but now i’ve lost a whole day. and i’ve still got a lot of work to day. Thank god I woke up in time to watch A&E’s special on girls in gangs. I know latinas are not the only girls in gangs, however they are they only girls focused on in this special. interesante. oh, i’m so bored by it already. its not cute. so not cute. where is my remote.


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  1. Ok, two things.

    1. Will I ever see you again?
    2. Chris and I got throught the Veronica Mars Season 3 box set. Have you seen it? There’s a promo for the season 4 that will never be- and thank god, because it was AWFUL!

    Miss you!

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