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so, apparently, my biological clock has been planted. in the last week two babies have come into my life–meaning work–that i’ve held to make me feel better. I looked at one today- a smiley four month old boy– and thought to myself, I can see why people have thes….they make you feel better. the other day whe I was holding the other one I said to my friend D that I”m just going to start having babies to have a young person in my life who loves me…instead of these bad ass children. I’m just sayin. So, its safe to say that I don’t want to have a baby…not just quite yet. And I’m still my good ole self and highly aware that having babies makes you fat. However…i’m not ruling it out permanently. And my collegues are never going to let me forget it. One of our male teachers has four daughters, and lives in the OC, which is super far from Watts…and he says that no matter what, when he goes home he always feels better. He also said that as soon as I turn 30 my biological clock is going to explode…and I’ll be trying to kidnap children off the street in order to have a baby. With this in mind, I guess I need to step up my work towards getting out of the classroom. I refuse to do this and have babies too. I have so much more i need to do tomorrow. Fuck..we didn’t leave work today until 9pm. And we only left because the building kicked us out! the alarm started to beep and display the message that we needed to arm the building and exit within 5 minutes. when we armed the building and stepped out side, thinking that we could return in a matter of seconds to continue working, it wouldn’t allow us to return!! So its safe to say that I would probably still be in watts finishing my grading and planning if we hadn’t been kicked out. I still have so much to do!!! And grades are due tomorrow…as well as my 3rd IEP meeting of the week, and an informal observation for which I am just not ready. but Law and Order:Ci is on so, you know, I’ll lay in bed, and fall asleep, and get up at 5 so that i can get to school by 7 and work it out! because that’s what I do…at least I went to the gym! yea!


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  1. Instead of a baby, wouldn’t a dog be easier to maintain and something easier to start out with? I’m not saying you wouldn’t be a great Mom because you would be, I just think there’s more stuff you want to do that will be harder to do if you have a child about now.

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