Does anyone else wish that Beowulf had been filmed live action? Or with computer animation that matched the quality of the movie “Monster house”? I didn’t care for “Polar Express”- though I love that book- because I felt that the kids looked fucking creepy. I’m not at all turned on by this Beowulf, though I loved the story in college. They should have gone all Lord of the Rings and made it live action. It would have cost a ton more, I’m sure, but you know..whatever. I am goign to clean this apartment from top to bottom! the bugs from next door are starting to make their way over, and well, we all know how i feel about that. especially since I’m sitting in a well it living room and one just crawled across my coffee table…obliterated it, of course, but what the fuck! which means that they’re used to crawling around in the day when i’m not here. God.. what a buzz killer. off to burn this place to the ground. Kidding.


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