bills, bills, bills


I like to spend the Saturday after payday going over my bills and getting everything in order. its usually pretty fulfilling to be this orderly. today its more precautionary because i spent at least $400 yesterday on Christmas gifts and my car. I am also tasked with finding a romantic place for dinner, because I opened my big mouth and said, “I want to take you out for dinner,” to N, who always takes me out to dinner, and now I have no idea of where I want to go…because that’s how I am. Shit. my thanksgiving was great. N came over Wednesday and we stayed up all night eating dinner, watching Harry Potter, and the hitchcock marathon on AMC. I am living in a bit of delusion in that if I don’t use labels then other labels can’t come to fruition. It’s all just continuing to be good fun. We went to brunch Thursday morning, where I indulged in the poison that is French toast, and went grocery shopping. I napped and headed over to WeHo where husbands Steven and Joey stole the prize of classiest people I’ve ever met. God, I hope my life is comparable when I’m in my 30s. We met their neighbors who were a close second in the classy department, and who prompted me to make the statement, “god, i can’t wait til you guys are old.” blame it on my foolish youth, I exhibit bitch like qualities from time to time. We stayed up all night (though I kept trying to take a nap- they just wouldn’t let me) playing board games, and meeting E’s new girlfriend. On Friday, I bought flannel sheets for 12 bucks at traget yesterday, a pair of heels, and a set of satin pillow cases, along with Christmas gifts for my mom and sister. I also spent quite a bit of money doing good things for my car (a luxury car wash for a car that is far from luxury, and some car maintenance for a car that I will drive until I’m 40), then went to the gym, and had a sushi dinner with ice cream dessert (I’m all for doing good things for my body as well). So, today I’m left trying to warm myself in my cozy apartment, listening to Agatha Christie, and trying to figure out just where I want to take N for dinner. Argh. Suggestions?


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  1. If it’s open, Lou on Vine and Melrose is amazing. It’s tiny and in a weird, dumpy strip mall, but the atmoshphere is romantic and the food is fresh and organic. The wine selection is amazing. Trust me! You’ll thank me. All my foodie friends LOVE it.

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