As you can tell, yesterday wasn’t the greatest of days. It was a super long day at work, and then, after I blogged, I found out that I didn’t so hot on my last stats test. I was upset, and tired, and felt on the verge of dejected. You know that feeling when it just seems like you a) have no idea what to do and b)feel like you can’t do anything right. So N was really nice to me. Brian would have taken this all my emotions, and responded fairly cold. N, was touched my back (in class!) and didn’t make fun of my wikipedia obsession. After class, while i was on the phone with my mother (financially planning my plans for next year) he buckled my seat belt for me. He even suggested we get pie… because he knows it makes me happy. None of this was working. AT all. But this is the best part: when we were sitting at Denny’s, he says to me, “Candace, tell me how you felt when you read the end of the last Harry Potter?” He knew that this ending made me incredibly happy, and so upon hearing that I couldn’t help but smile a little, so then he said, “come on, what did you do at the end of Harry Potter?” And I said to him, because I am physically unable to not smile and hug my chest when I talk about how well the Harry Potter series ended (without disclosing the ending, of course), “I sighed, and squealed that it was a great ending,” which really made me smile and dragged me out of my pissy mood. He smiled, and said, “That’s the smile I like to see,” and made me smile for the rest of our dinner and the rest of the night. I was so set back by this that I didn’t even mind that we went to my house and watched a program on the Rise of Videogames. He just kind of put his arms around me and rubbed my back. That’s how nice he is. I think I like him.

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