the change of life


So,i’ve made the executive decision to apply for the School Psychology credentialling program at a university near me for this next fall. I know it sounds insane considering the fact that two people I know who were in their first year School Psych. programs did so without full time jobs (I’d like to know how this is fucking possible, because really…we all have bills). iknow I should keep plugging away at this whole teaching thing, but really, come on now…its time to make the future now. Since I arrived to class early, I am going to take a good chunk of this hour and research what I’d need to do to get in to the CSULA credentialling program. I’d much rather go to LMU, except I can’t afford a 3rd Jesuit education. I really can’t.
Time line
December 2007- Gather letters of rec; begin application process
Jan/Feb. 2008- Submit application
Jan/Feb. 2008- Enroll in “Life Span Psychology” at LACC
May 2008- recieve acceptance letter
September 2008-June 2009 Year 1/work full time
September 2009-2010 Year 2/internship half time-work half time
September 2010-2011 Year 3/ internship full time-work no time

Loans time line
2006-2007 APLE year 1 FSLF Year 1
2007-2008 APLE year 2 FSLF Year 2
2008-2009 APLE year 3 FSLF Year 3
2009-2010 APLE year 4 FSLFYear 4
2010-2011 FSLF Year 5

So this is why I do what I do (besides the fact that I have student loans, and, when not being pestered with disciplinary issues, I generally like the students):
* the federal stafford loan forgivness is this : For teachers who began teaching before October 2004 (I started in September 2003) These teachers may receive up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness if, as certified by the Chief Administrative Officer of the school where they were employed, they were a highly qualified full-time mathematics or science teacher in an eligible secondary school; or a highly qualified special education teacher whose primary responsibility was to provide special education to children with disabilities, and they were teaching children with disabilities that corresponded to their area of special education training and have demonstrated knowledge and teaching skills in the content areas of the curriculum that they were teaching.
* the APLE: Participants are eligible for up to $11,000 in loan assumption payments. The first payment is up to $2,000 and the second, third, and fourth payments are up to $3,000. If your designated teaching service area under the APLE program is Mathematics, Science, or Special Education there is an additional $1,000 for each year of service provided. If you are teaching Mathematics, Science, or Special Education in a low-performing school that ranks within the bottom 20th percentile of the API index there is an additional $1,000 for each year of service provided, up to four years. (I teach Special Education in a low performing school).
So, let’s do the math: If I let the current outrageous amount of student loans I have reach maturity, I will have paid back nearly $100,000 to the good people of Sallie Mae, and AES. $11,000 + 17,500= $28,500 that I can have paid back….which roughly equals the cost of the School Psychology credential I’m hoping to obtain. So, let me ask you this…….does it really matter? In the end I’m going to end up paying damn near $100,000 or more for my education anyways. And it will have all been worth it. I had this conversation with my mother last night, where she lamented over not having a mother that pushed her towards furthering her education because my grandmother had no clue about any oppurtunities besides the military. My mother pushed me towards the right direction, and granted, I couldn’t afford it, but it really was the best investment i could ever make in life. So, I’m feeling like, should I start to burn out (like I did abou 30 minutes ago) and choose to push getting my career into high gear….then it will still all be worth it, even if it means forgoing several thousand dollars in government loan forgiveness. I know there is this desperate need for teachers…but I did i tell you about how my hair started to fall out? it may not be from stress alone, but we all know how I like to be all dramatic. I think its from using this new organic hair line-Carol’s daughter- because right about when I started using it was when it started coming out…and it kind of hasn’t stopped, though I cut a good deal off and now have a rockin short cut. Anyway….feedback!


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