gun metal grey


so, i went and got my bottom row of braces put on (the ortho-assistant pulled a peice of food out from my bands—which had created gap in my gums, so i am massaging my gums with my toothbrush….gross!) and now i have a slight lisp. I am trying to be very deliberate with my speech. Earlier today I was tellign the kids how doing homework is their job…two things about the way I address a class: a) I’m a little louder- so that they can hear me over their own speaking- and b) one student said that I speak like I’m an expert…Nothing wrong with that. I got the class quiet though! The bottom row is gun metal gray. I feel balanced now. I was too embarrassed to tell the receptionist that I may not be able to make my 4 week appointment because I’ll be in Jamaica. It sounds weird even when I type it.

Today was another one of those long days. Minus disappointing scores on my stats exam. Just work drama. Drama to teh point of me not going to a party that my principal will be at because I don’t want to deal with it. I’d rather say home, in the warm (away from the rain…yea rain!), watching cable and reading Meg Cabot books while I massage my gums. Fuck work. So I Married an Axe Murderer is on…and in about 30 minutes I will be eating ice cream…because that’s just the type of day I’m having.


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