what about your friends…


UCLA did this study about how friendships among women is one of the those things that keep us healthy and happy. I have to say that without my friends I would have gone insane by now! Ask the women I work with.

I am spending today reading chick lit written by the unstoppable Meg Cabot. I was supposed to have a study date with a classmate, but she had to work late, so it was cancelled. I’ve been doing work for work (emailing folks about bad ass children), and washing my hair, but mostly, i’ve been reading chick lit and doing the dishes. Okay, less dish washing, and more like sitting on my bed, wrapped in a throw blanket while Sleepy Hollow is playing in the background. Even though I have managed to finish one book, I am determined to finish the other before this weekend is over. I think I may see N, but if it don’t I still have Meg Cabot. She wrote the Princess Diaries, and is in my book, a chick lit genius–shut up. I like the color pink, and the fluffiness of it all. Its like the gum I cannot currently chew because I have braces.

I had a dream last night that I forgot my passport and hadn’t packed for Jamaica. I also had a dream that someone had resignedly decided to make me dinner. Crazy, I know. about as crazy as the time I dreamt that I had three melted bowls of ice cream. WTF. I think I am just anxious for Christmas to be here! Yeah! Okay, back to Meg Cabot.

Oh! there is an episode of Intervention on! Yea! this shit is addictive. I swear, my anti drug is your addiction. Sometimes I watch in hopes that I will see someone in my family (re: crazy cousins) being intervened upon. i’m just sayin…the power of cable television.


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  1. I just finished reading “World War Z.” It was a really fun and entertaining story about the zombie pandemic that had the human race on the endangered list. What does this have to do with Chic lit? Absolutely nothing. ;D

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