high fidelity


everyone knows i’m a huge fan of chick lit…well, well written chick lit…..but I’m also a fan of dick lit..you know, movies written from the perspective of men and their romantic/relationship issues. Think Nick Hornsby. I say “movies” because I actually don’t really enjoy reading dick lit…i like watching them in the forms of movies. maybe i just like watching john cusack spin in to a turmoil of self pity. “High Fidelity” is on Vh1, and watching him turn into a pathetic mess kind of set me off a little. Its a different feeling then I’ve ever felt watching this movie. I think its because a) a small part of me is in love with Jack Black, and b) his downward spiral is the kind of thing i would probably be attracted to. whatever. maybe its just the story telling. Stories about men are far more interesting in the film then in literature. I think its because processing it visually there is already a disconnect from the emotions that I sometimes wonder if men actually have, but am expected to believe that they have upon turning through the pages of which ever yellow-blue covered dick lit novel has been written. I’m just sayin…men and their emotions leave me flumoxed…and really, kind of smitten. I just expect them to not be idiots about their emotions (see High Fidelity), which is an expectation I hold for women as well (see Bridget Jone’s Diary…which I couldn’t read or watch without wanting to vomit from fear that her stupidity would rub off some how).

I’m glad its christmas time. Its been a long time since I felt excited about this time of year. I even am enjoying hearing christmas music in the stores. i think its because i’m longing for anything that makes me feel different then work makes me feel. God, remember that feeling…that need…that longing to do anything that will make you feel different then going to work feels? That’s how we all felt during our summer institute teaching-learning-planning-not sleeping in 2003. Fuck. At least now I’ve got a gym membership. I left work tonight at 8:38pm. 8:38pm. 8:38pm. Its tuesday folks…and I teach high school. I went straight to the gym (well, pitstop at home, and then the gym) and ran for 30 minutes on the elliptical machine…which felt great. FUCKING GREAT. except I’m watching john cusack having an emotional breakdown, and i’m feeling like its all too familiar. shower!


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  1. I think more men are learning that it’s alright to be emotive, but the trick is to be emotive without becoming needy, and on most movie screens the protagonist is emotive, and non needy which explains why he appears attractive to the ladies watching. ;D

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