the clarity of a scientologist


my day has been full of revelations. Actually,the whole week. You know, being that by wednesday I got to actually stop going down to the campus (I have trainings from wednesday on) so you know, you can gain a shit load of insight as you’re driving up Western towards Hollywood at 2 in the afternoon instead of being at work. CLARITY. so, the biggest thing i realized today was:

* I don’t have to teach in the inner city if I don’t want to. I can teach anywhere I want. I pictured myself away from Watts and somewhere where it is quiet and maybe even cold. Somewhere I can afford to have a one bedroom apartment on my salary. Somewhere where its not so hard.

*I need to change the way I view my own profession. I am a professional. there is nothing wrong with what I do, and how I do it. I am fabulous at my job…and you know what, I like it. and i’m good at it. and going back to school to clear my credential will make me even better at it.

*California is a big state, and i can be anywhere in it and be happy.

So, what do i want:
1. understanding/solid footing in this new position
2. a comfortable financial situation that is stable, not lavish.
3. a family of my own
4. a better relationship/commitment to my faith
5. a solid community of friends and family in which i feel comfortable
6. self security, self love without bounds


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  1. I think you’re one of the best teachers in the country, and I wholeheartedly agree with your revelation, you deserve the best and what you’d like out of life. 🙂

    As for moving somewhere where it’s cold, for some reason I can easily see you as a ski bunny, provided you do know how to ski right? ;P

  2. you could probably be happy in WA too. Just saying…
    Or maybe you move to the Bay Area and then you and I can live together.
    Just saying…

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