google is my doctor


Happy Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Each time I’ve heard reference to Dr. King on the radio these past two weeks, I’ve become erked by the informalness in the way in which he was referenced as simply Martin Luther King. I’m not a stickler for formality, however after a lifetime of hearing him referred to as “Dr. King” or “Reverend King” or “Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.” hearing him referred to as “martin Luther king” just isn’t cutting it for me. **and what is with the footage of President Clinton snoozing behind Martin Luther King III’s speech? It kind of pained me to see, because really, um…wake up. Especially in this political climate where I’ve listened to more then one conversation/radio broadcast regarding the political conundrum black women are finding themselves in, whether to vote with the loyalty for what the Clinton’s have “done” for blacks in this country, or whether to help a black man get ahead. Can I admit that I’ve listened to so much NPR and watched so much news and still have no idea where either candidate stands on any of the issues. I guess I’ll figure it out on February 04th…maybe then I’ll decide for whom to vote.

Today was a great day though. I went to my friend Irene’s house for brunch with friends from Franklin. I can never say no to a meal at Irene’s. They’re either supremely healthy or fully fatteningly dangerous. Today’s brunch was a mixture of both: hot chocolate, fruit and chocolate and salami provided by moi, eggs (that were sweet?), apertivos from Portos (meat pies, potato goodness filled with meat, pastries), pancakes from scratch, all kinds of food i shouldn’t eat. needless to say, i ate it all. i’m still full, and i left there at 3. my stomach is only grumbling a little bit, but i’m stuffed and won’t be enjoying dinner tonight. it was really nice to see everyone! meg is really cool and down to earth. we’re all single women, and so it was good to get together and hear their ideas about relationships. Meg asked me, “You’ve gone out with a guy you really liked, haven’t you” is response to my current state of uncertainity, to which i answered, “well, i dated this one ass hole for two years…” so, that brings about a whole new bag of worms, which kind of explains the current predicament: i’ve never really dated someone I like. I dated Brian, but after a while that came from loving him, i don’t know if i really liked him. we had issues that’s for sure, and i never demanded that he treat me the way i deserved. but as for liking him…i mean, he was hot. he looked like a mixed will smith, and was as funny and as charming. i loved his family, and though i was smarter then him, he was confident and fun. goodness, i need therapy.

i had a doctor’s appointment today at 4:30, just a general visit to get a refill on my birth control and to actually meet my physician. He told me that I have a heart click. A heart click. What is that…a technical term? That’s what I thought at least…then I went online and was able to google it, and apparently, its kind of is. Its a descriptor. The doc said that since it isn’t causing me any issues (I’m in peak health!) I shouldn’t worry about it, but to make sure that when ever i get my teeth cleaned that they also give me an antibiotic to ensure that I don’t get an infection. Immediately my brain went, huh. not because this sounds wierd, but because it sounds familiar. you see, my friend Denise and I had a conversation about a time when her dad had gotten pretty sick, and it was because he hadn’t been given antibiotics after his last dental appointment,and he had developed a bad infection. its what is supposed to be given to old folks and people with compromised immune systems. and apparently, those of us with heart clicks. neither myself nor my mother is worried about this. we only know 1/2 of my familial medical history, so really it doesn’t matter if is hereditary until i have kids. so, here’s to heart clicks. and this is what google has to say about it.

I’m watching an episode of the family guy where the voice of the mother and the daughter are done by different actors then usual. i’m having trouble dealing with this. if i don’t stop feeling full soon, i may have to wait until tomorrow for the gym. Deep breaths, deep breaths. and back to my book!


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