Welcome! Its confession Friday


So, i’m inviting some of my college friends to read my blog. Why, you ask? Because they asked…and I said okay..cuz i’m crazy. Please note that it has taken me these last five years to take these friends off this unattainable pedestal. They always seemed to have it all together, academically, morally, spiritually. I’ve realized recently that I should have tried being more of myself and indulged in these genuine friendships. Instead I threw myself into my work and school and a boyfriend who didn’t deserve me, then graduated from college and proceeded to repeat the same mistakes only in Los Angeles (and sans boyfriend). Over the last few years I’ve learned to lighten up just a bit. If not lighten up, then to try not to take myself so seriously, and to realize that I am just the right place in life for me, instead of wishing i were at a different place in life. So, Welcome, and enjoy, and i hope you’re not too bored by my insanity and the debauchery. On with the show!

I was listening to NPR tonight and you know what I heard: Ann Coulter, the devil’s mistress, would campaign for Hillary Clinton. She said that if it came down to Clinton and McCain, she’d chose Clinton. This only confirms my choice in consistently endorsing Barack Obama. And doesn’t that slanted F behind Hannity or Colmes (I don’t know who that guys is) look like a swastika? Like a neo swastika. It is no surprise she’s not supporting Obama. I’m just saying that if I hadn’t been supporting him in the first place, I’d make the switch now.

So, confession Monday didn’t quite work out. Its hard to write confessions when you’re sitting at work. Everything I want to say seems to be about work and I’m really trying to change my outlook in that area. So, seriously, here it is:

1). Sometimes holding a baby after a long day at work really is the most soothing thing ever. Isn’t that horrible. Its like soaking up my bad joo joo.
2). Sometimes, I just speak without thinking…and the people at my work think its the funniest thing ever. I am seriously not trying to be funny, I just say whatever comes out of my head.
3). Oatmeal is the best tasting food on earth.


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  1. 1. Holding a baby changes your mojo from bad to good. It’s still your Ju Ju, though.

    2. I think the funniest things are said that way.

    3. Oatmeal is good, but chocolate is better.

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