Old Lady


I am turning int such an old lady. I can already tell the habits that I will carry into my old age. For example, having heels in my car to wear whenever I cross over into more “formal” areas of town. I attended 9 am Mass on the Westside today at St. Paul the Apostle Church. To get there I had to drive on Santa Monica through Beverly Hills and to the intersection of Ohio and Selby. I kept on my heels even after the service when I went to Starbucks and Trader Joe’s in WeHo. Once I made it back to my side of town, I switched them up for black flip flops.

Also, I can see how these afternoon naps will find a place in my old age as well. Afternoon naps and Public Broadcasting. And great earrings.

I’m testing out masses around the city, trying to find a place that feels comfortable to me. I really enjoyed mass at Holy Family in South Pas, but the parish in Los Feliz feels a little, well not dead, but not really alive at the same time. I’m testing out the masses that the Archdioses says are African American culturally focused. This was not necessarily true from what I saw at St. Paul’s. it was still very nice. Nice enough for me to attend again just to see which service they speak of which is African American culturaly focused. I think this little endeavor will keep me in churches until I find one where I feel at peace…even if its just back at Holy Family. It will also keep me from being awoken by the screaming children at the church across the street. I hate waking up that way. I think next weekend I’ll try St. Bernadette’s.

I’ve decided that for Lent I am giving up self doubt and inactivity.


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