holy, holy, holy


so, guess which one of your favorite bloggers saw Bill Cosby tonight? That’s right…me! I had been down at LMU talking to Dr. Graf about the second level of the special ed credential. I’d decided at the last minute that I would attend Ash Wednesday services in Ladera Heights at St. Bernadettes, you know, the church that I’ve been wanting to attend for weeks. I got to Ladera heights rather quickly, so I decided to drop into Esowon Books, a bookstore in Leimert Park. My original intentions had been to go to Starbucks, but when I saw the sign for Leimert Park, I decided to turn in there! I parked in the lot, but when I couldn’t initially find the bookstore, I was about to turn around and go out. I doubled back though once I realized that I was much closer to the book store then I thought. I entered the book store and it was pretty busy. For a place that I’d heard was about to go out of business if the locals didn’t start supporting black business, there was quite a few people there. I was standing in front of a bookshelf, being complimented on my earrings, when this applause filled the air. I looked up to see what the hell was going on, and there coming through the door was an older black man. When I realized it as Bill Cosby, my heart stopped and my mouth fell open. We totally made eye contact! He apparently was there for a book signing. How crazy is that? I didn’t even begin my day with the intention of being in that neighborhood. And when I am there, I see Bill Cosby! How crazy!

St. Bernadette’s is a nice church. A really nice church. The service as at 7:30, and not many people were there, but it was just a really nice place to be. There were signs up in regards to events in 2006, which gives me an indication of community involvement, but I still want to check it out on a Sunday. Get a real feel for the congregation. I love the way I feel when I’m in Leimert Park and Ladera Heights. It reminds me of Jamaica. Really comfortable and like I was meant to be there. I can’t wait to get there!


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  1. There’s one line from Bill Cosby that’s imbedded in my noggin. He said something like, “Men, if you want to know what it’s like to give birth, take your upper lip and stretch it over your head.”

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