On a clear day


In Los Angeles, on a clear day like today, you can see the Hollywood Sign from the entrance of the 110N at Imperial HWY. Its the coolest thing. I love clear days. I spent today quite well. I stayed out late last night. Real late. Drunk in a gay bar late…because that’s what i did last night. i was intent on going to work today, so I drug myself off Steven and Joey’s couch at 8:13am, drove across Hollywood and got my ass together at home so that I could make it down to ALT by 10 am. I did a lot of work in my hung over stage, then went to Manhattan Beach for lunch. I would have stayed down there to study, but its freezing by the beach. So, i ate my cobb salad and french onion soup, hopped in my car and tried to find a fabric store through use of google text. this was not as easy as one would think, and come to think of it, i should have just logged on to the internet on my phone and googled it there. i am trying to redo my classroom, so i’ve been tossing ideas back in my head about what to do, and what would be less work intensive (yea!) and i’ve decided to put off making the decision of what to put on my bulletin board until monday. I avoided the free way as much as possible. The 110, 405, 10,and 101 were packed at every turn, so i stuck to the streets and drunk in the sites and sounds that make Los angeles awesome. now i’m at home finally resting and hoping that the ickiness i’m feeling is the hangover, not a cold.

Things I’ve realized I like:
the taste of vegetables mixed together in salad without dressing
blue cheese crumbles
foriegn movies about love
bacon bits
meat in salad
warm sunshine
organic hair care products
silver hoop earrings


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  1. I use to like foreign love flicks in the past because I was quite shallow and hormonally driven and those foreign flicks tended to show a lot of skin (viva la french love flicks!!!), but I’m older, and a little more awake, and I find I still like the foreign love movies, even the ones that don’t have any skin for the simple fact they tell the story better than most american made love movies.

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