confession monday


i haven’t done this in a while. i realize that the last time i said i was going to make a confession…i didn’t. so here i go:
1. i sometimes have these dreams with older men in them- some i know (an old coworker) and some i don’t (david caruso) that leave me very attracted to them in the morning…and for weeks after.
2. i get disappointed when i miss my favorite tv shows (i just realized that i missed medium tonight. its okay, that show creeps me out sometimes).
3. i think i’ve gotten over that whole asexual feeling. I just can’t figure out why it would come back now that i’m single. okay, yeah i can…but still, whatever.
4. i think the people who produce the local news simply spend all day online, and then create the local news.


One response »

  1. 1. There are older men around the world getting excited at this confession.

    2. TIVO.

    3. It’s been a full moon lately. Go figure.

    4. They also lie.

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