the problem with cooking is that the smell lingers, and makes me want to eat everything. EVERYTHING. Its either the smell of the spicy tomato stew i made…or its the lame sitcoms on cbs that make me this way. something must save me. i rested a lot of this weekend. I hung out with Esther today. I picked her crippled self up and we hung out at psychobabble, her starting her applicaiton to LMU, me studying for abnormal psychology. i tell you, the application process to LMU makes it completely uninteresting to me. i know what i need to do…and that makes me not want to! so goes most things in life. but i figure i’ve been doing a lot this weekend. so there! (bbhhhpppttt!!) i don’t know why i’m blogging. i’m bored. off to read something or other.


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