Things I know about HAI


1. He’s providing security to an actor and his wife for the Oscars.
2. He loves God.
3. He loves his family.
4. He loves dogs.
5. He played ball over seas.
6. He’s been a trainer for at least 15 years.
7. He worked training police men for their fitness exams (or something like that).
8. He’s a vegetarian.
9. He makes delicious red velvet cake.
10. He’s from Louisiana.
11. He doesn’t drink.
12. He’s lactose intolerant.
13. His mother died a few years ago of cancer.
14. He just got a new tattoo.
15. He likes riding motorcycles.
16. He races motorcycles.
17. He wants to participate in the Iron Man competition.
18. He lives on the west side.

I swear, isn’t this enough information for us to pass go, collect $200,000 and get married? Damn Blogger for not having the abillity to make posts private.

Oh, did I mention that he called me “Candy” tonight! yep! progress. And feigned looking visibly disappointed when i said that I’d only be attending tuesday classes because I”m taking a class on Thursday.

Things I don’t know:
1. his last name…or maybe i do, i don’t know…i get all distracted every time i look at him. Never-mind, its Owens.
1. Where he went to college.
2. Why he’s a trainer.
3. the man behind the trainer (which i feel like is fine that I don’t know this because I kind of don’t know the girl behind the teacher…so, you know.)

Ask yourself, does candace know this much about me? Probably. I tend to pay attention. I just happen to be a little more keyed into HAI right now. Give me time, I can think about things for you too.


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