I’ve been at the psychobabble coffee shop since noon. Its now 3:53pm. Its official: I am way more productive when I’m not at work or at home. I swear, I don’t get nearly as much work done when I’m at work, and lord knows I don’t actually get work done when I’m at home. I actually got through my to do list. If i was really efficient I’d go through last week’s to do list and see if there was anything else I needed to complete that was forgotten in the hecticness that is my life. you know, aside from getting a life. Bah-humbug.

my teeth still hurt. last night I took a vicodin to help me sleep, and today, trying to bite into a perfectly ripe- not squishy banana was a whole lot of fun. I should leave here and go make dinner, considering I have only about two hours until I’m back up in this area for mass. this never ends.


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