sugar free banana loaf


is not necessarily sugar free. and it certainly now low fat. or whatever thing the little placard at starbucks claims it to be. i’ve enjoyed my last slice tonight. its starting to make me a little icky feeling (the wheat) and is also full of fat and sugar. not as much sugar as a venti steamed apple cider (which is essentially warm apple juice…except without the certainty that its 100% juice). i’ve also had my last steamed apple juice. its a small sacrifice…but i feel like all this sugar is not doing me any good. i’m more tired then i was when i got to starbucks, but that is possibly because it was really the first time i’ve sat down and did something that required my 100% concentration. i have a test tomorrow that has 65 multiple choice questions.

Things I’ve noticed on TV tonight:

i’m watching people be greedy on Deal or no Deal. I’m glad this 21 year old took the deal, because his “pappy” was getting really greedy.

they have this new dog food called beneful beef stew…which looked better then the trader joe’s beef stew i had for lunch today. also, never again. 14 grams of fat for 1 cup of beef stew. which i guess is better then 15-18 grams of fat for one slice of fucking great sugar free banana loaf! DELICIOUS!

Anyway, so i guess i should go back to studying, though i hate it.


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